Boyden, Cooluris, Livingston and Saxe

Steven L. Saxe is a semi-retired member in the law firm of Boyden, Cooluris & Saxe PC. Mr. Saxe specializes in the law of banking and related financial matters, representing and advising independent community, regional and money center banks throughout and beyond California. His clients also include retailers and others in connection with their credit programs and payment system (both paper- and electronic-based) issues, commercial lenders and other financial institutions.

Mr. Saxe's primary practice emphasizes the consumer and commercial lending fields. He also advises financial institutions and other clients in connection with credit card, deposit and related payment system mechanisms.

Mr. Saxe is a founding member and currently serves as a Regent of the American College of Consumer Financial Services Lawyers and is active on the American Bar Association Consumer Finance Committee and the Consumer Bankers Association Lawyers Committee. He also works closely with the California Bankers Association in connection with its legislative and regulatory programs, has lectured at its Bank Counsel, Regulatory Compliance and Lenders Conferences, and has written for its monthly magazine.

Mr. Saxe was born and raised in San Francisco and attended University of California at Berkeley, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1964. He received his law degree in 1967 from University of San Francisco. His previous legal practice includes work in the Bank of America Legal Department (1969-1980) and he was a senior partner of Boyden, Cooluris, Hauser & Saxe (1981-1990) prior to the merger of its practice into that of Pillsbury Madison & Sutro LLP, where Mr. Saxe worked (1991-1999) until the formation of Boyden, Cooluris, Livingston & Saxe PC in 2000.

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