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BOYDEN, COOLURIS & SAXE, PC is a small law firm with Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area offices. We specialize in financial services, real estate, land use and development law. We offer our services directly to clients in the traditional manner. We also provide our services on a group basis to our community bank clients through the Bank Legal Services Group.

We are committed to providing legal services of the same high quality available through a national law firm, but at a small firm cost. We are able to provide these superior legal services because we limit our practice to the specialized fields of practice in which our lawyers are highly skilled. All of our principals have considerable experience in their respective specialties, and our senior partners were partners of a national law firm before forming Boyden, Cooluris & Saxe, PC. Indeed, each of our principals has the reputation of being a national or regional expert in his areas of practice. Yet, the costs of our services are substantially below that of large and medium-size law firms because we pass on to our clients the significant economies of a small firm.

Equally important is our commitment to listen carefully to our clients and to understand their business objectives and needs. That, coupled with our skills, experience and dedication, permits the good results for our clients that cause them to be long-term clients. Indeed, the relationship Boyden, Cooluris & Saxe has with most of our clients ranges from ten to almost thirty years.